Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lord of the Rings Online

I created a Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO for short) this morning after letting it download the 10 GB client last night. So far I've reached level 11 with my Champion class human.

For being free to play (partly) it's honestly pretty good. A friend of mine gave me a spare CD key when the game first came out so that we might play together, but I quickly lost interest within the first few levels. As per my last post (if you've been able to keep up with my breakneck blogging) I've been searching for something to play.

"So," I asked myself, "Why not play something that's free?" To which I replied, "That's great, self! Have a pat on the back!" (As an aside, I did not actually have a conversation with myself. Only crazy people do that... right?)

Free is good. Especially when you are studying English, taking extra classes, and making (in round terms) nothing in the way of income.  

It's a somewhat pretty game, with all the graphics cranked right up.

I will keep soldiering on in my journey. It's too bad you have to pay in order to play a monster, as I do so love being the bad guy. Who knows, maybe I will even start/join a Fellowship! Though sometimes I do wonder why I even bother to play MMOs, as I try to stay away from other people and certainly don't enjoy grouping with them.

One thing to leave you with (they should let me do those commercials, just look how sexy I am).
Hello ladies. I'm on a horse.

New Blog!

Hello everyone. This is my brand new blog about video games. More specifically, it`s about games I am currently playing.

Here you will find reviews of games, as well as guides and general thoughts on PC games and the PC gaming industry.

To start with, I very recently applied to become an affiliate for Eve Online. Now, I have to tell you all something. I haven't played Eve in a long time, as in years. However, I am very strongly considering returning. I was actually in the initial 50-person Alpha test back in the day (under my mother's name, as I was not 18 at the time) and I played sporadically on an account with my pilot Clarence Shandon.

I need an MMO to fill in that empty space other games just can't seem to fill. From what I remember, Eve is a very deep and complex game involving everything from piracy to an advanced player-driven economy off of which some people are able to make real money.

I always liked the pirate stuff myself (well, actually, I was usually on the other side of the pirates).

If you are on the fence about giving this game a try, you should just go ahead and do so. I do believe that they offer a free trial period. If you want to throw me a bone, you can even sign up through my link (click the banner ad).